X-Files star Gillian Anderson masturbation video revealed

June 16th, 2008

Gillian Anderson, an award-winning T.V. personality best known for her performance as Special Agent Dana Scully in the extremely successful T.V. series The X-Files, is once again in the spotlight. But this time it’s because of a homemade porn video allegedly done by the actress. The video shows a woman playing with herself, rubbing her pussy while watching T.V. (must be porn she’s watching). Although the video is short and grainy, the woman shown closely resembles the sexy actress. From her head to her exposed breasts, the woman looks very much like Gillian Anderson. If that is indeed her in the video, then it definitely goes straight to my hard drive! You too can download the video by clicking the thumbnails to get the full version. Or if you’re in the mood for more Celebrity Porn, simply click the link.

Catherine Zeta-Jones and an unknown fuck buddy caught on tape

June 16th, 2008

This shocking and very graphic video shows Catherine Zeta-Jones fucking an unknown guy. The video has no sound and is very short but you can clearly see her face. She’s talking to the guy, perhaps talking dirty or telling him what to do next. The beautiful actress is definitely boner material in this hot video. Anyway, enjoy this short video featuring straightup, hardcore celebrity fucking. Watch Catherine’s delectable tits bounce around as the lucky guy pounds her pussy hard.

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A threesome video featuring Brit babe Kate Beckinsale

June 16th, 2008

A porn video surfaced recently featuring two girls and a guy involved in a hardcore threesome. One of the girls is allegedly British actress and super babe Kate Beckinsale. The beautiful actress has not been reached for comment yet and her representatives have yet to make a statement. Below is a short clip of the controversial video. Click the thumbnail to view the clip and try to decide if the girl is indeed Kate.

The girl is shown wearing a leather outfit and riding on top of the only guy in the video while the other girl waits for her turn. This video is definitely hardcore porn and it is highly unlikely that Kate would be involved in something like this. But you never know. With the deluge of sex scandals involving famous celebrities nowadays, you never know whose sex tape will surface next. If you want more Celebrity Porn, simply click the link and be ready for some of the most shocking videos of your favorite celebs.

Britney in another controversial sex video

June 16th, 2008

Tabloid princess Britney Spears did it again. She’s the subject of numerous tabloids once again because of these hardcore images and video that supposedly show the pop sensation involved in a hardcore orgy in the backstage of one of her shows. The explicit video features Britney down on her knees and alternately sucking the dicks of four, yes four, guys! Now if that isn’t confirmation that this once sweet teenybopper and idol have become one of the sluttiest women in the business, I don’t know what will. But the video is grainy and dark, so no confirmation has been issued that it is indeed Britney in the video. Below are some images of the controversial video. Click the thumbnails for a bigger version and look at them closely to decide if the girl is indeed the pop princess.

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The beautiful Liv Tyler in a kinky lesbian encounter

June 16th, 2008

The beautiful daughter of Steve Tyler has had her share of film nudity but not as hardcore as this! I guarantee you; you’ve never seen Liv get this intimate with the same sex! This is supposedly a hidden cam video of the beautiful actress getting her pussy probed by an unknown lesbian friend. Watch as the raven-haired beauty moans with pleasure with her legs and pussy lips spread open! Nothing is sexier than watching two beautiful women get down and dirty with each other and this video is proof of that. With her renowned beauty, Liv is definitely a delight to watch in this homemade lesbian video. Click the thumbs for the full-sized video or simply click this link – Celebrity Porn – to download just what it says: celebrity porn.

Goth babe Amy Lee caught with her legs spread wide open

June 16th, 2008

Amy Lee is famous for her distinct voice as the vocalist for the rock band Evanescence. Fans of the singer admire her for being a very good vocalist and lyricist for her band. But what they don’t know is that she’s involved in this very graphic porn movie! That’s right; she performs not on the stage in this amateur porn flick but on the bed with her legs spread wide open and her pussy fisted! Hardcore action all around as Amy winces with the pain and pleasure of that fist ramming deep inside her. Click the thumbnails to get the full version of this never-before-seen porn video featuring Amy Lee.

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